Infernal - Command Master Preceptor Orin

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    Orin Midwinter is a man who has gone through several transformations in his checkered past. Some people seem destined to lead, others to serve, and Midwinter has always felt driven to assist those in power. Perhaps it was inevitable that he would become one of the most influential secret infernalists in western Immoren, playing a key role in the great invasion. He has earned a special place of power and influence among the infernalist cultists, collaborating with the infernal masters. In doing so, he has earned the unending enmity of the rest of humanity.

    Master Preceptor Orin Midwinter is a command attachment for Infernal Cultists that brings a variety of useful offensive and support abilities to his unit. Annihilation is a powerful magical attack that gives him the souls of his victims, which he can then spend for effects to protect and augment his unit, such as Arcane Vortex, or rerolls from Knowledge of the Damned.

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