Star Wars: Legion - Luke Skywalker Special Edition

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    He was one of the heroes of the Battle of Hoth, risking it all to give his friends the chance to escape while taking down the machinery of the Empire and evading the clutches of Darth vader, and now you can bring that bravery to the tabletop with the Limited Edition Luke Skywalker Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion from Fantasy Flight Games.


    Luke Skywalker fought on many fronts of the Galactic Civil War, battling the Empire both from the cockpit of his T-65 X-wing and on the ground with his lightsaber and trusty DL-44 blaster. Wherever the war effort took him, Skywalker was a symbol of hope to his fellow Rebels and soon Star Warsâ„¢: Legion players will get the chance to experience him like never before.

    Whether leading the fabled Rogue Squadron or a small strike team, Luke Skywalker earned his reputation as one of the Rebellion’s most enduring heroes through countless battles and this Limited Edition expansion depicts him as he appeared during one of the most iconic clashes in the Star Wars saga: the Battle of Hoth. Wearing his Rebel flight suit and perched atop the wreckage of his T-47 airspeeder, this version of Luke Skywalker is ready to continue the fight on the ground.


    Not only does the miniature included here bring a totally new sculpt of Luke Skywalker to your Star Wars: Legion battles, you have the freedom to customize it to fit your personal taste. The miniature can be assembled carrying either Luke’s lightsaber or his DL-44 blaster and with or without his flight helmet. Additionally, if you decide to include the flight helmet, you can also choose whether Luke enters battle with its visor up or down.

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