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FNM Monthly Package

$19.00 / month

Here's the deal-ee-oh of the century! This is the Friday Night Magic spectacular.

Every month, your card will be charged $19. This gives all you Magic the Gathering lovers access to one non-booster based tournament every Friday Night for free (Standard, Modern, Etc.). Normally, that would be $5 each Friday night, but FNM Monthly Package holders play for free EVERY Friday night.

But wait! The deal doesn't end there. As a FNM Monthly Package holder you will be entered into an exclusive Friday Night drawing! Only FNM Monthly Package holders get to partake of this particular goodness.

But that's just the start of the beauty subscription holders will be getting… There are more surprises to come.

But wait! Let's say you're gonna miss a Friday night or two throughout the year? Maybe ten? We got you covered. Just shoot us an email or drop by the store and get yourself a free pack of cards from one of the current standard block sets.

No risk! Nice.

Oh! And one more thing. Let's say you win FNM, what kind of bonus do you get? You get an additional bonus pack if you're a FNM Monthly Package holder. You heard me right. Pretty sweet.

Now… How's that for a deal? Come on… You can sign up…. (Jedi hand wave)


Here’s the skinny…

  1. You are billed $19 each month on your renewal date.
  2. Redeemable for one free tournament entry of your choice every Friday night (Non-booster draft and non-Commander, the latter being a rare-based entry fee).
  3. You are entered into a monthly drawing only FNM Monthly Package holders can participate in.
  4. One winner will be randomly chosen at the end of each month. (This awesome prize get’s updated with something just as awesome every month).
  5. The winner will win a wonderful prize!
  6. You win an extra pack if you win the FNM event.
  7. If you can’t make it to a Friday Night Magic you can have yourself a booster pack from the current standard block on us.
  8. PS… You need to play at FNM if you want to win the booster box. You don’t have to play every one of them… But you do need to come and play.
  9. You’re gonna be happy