Protectorate of Menoth - Potentate Severius

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    Severius loyally served multiple hierarchs in his time as a scrutator and was a significant voice in the caste even before being elevated to leadership over all of the Protectorate’s military forces. As a scrutator potentate, Severius saw fit to support Voyle in his bid for power, accelerating that great ruler’s rise to hierarch. When he wasn’t striding fearlessly into foreign lands as a missionary to convert unbelievers to the faith, Potentate Severius was a formidable presence in battle. He manifested holy power, inspiring zealots and warriors, and from the start he showed his facility at wielding the warjacks of the Protectorate against the theocracy’s enemies.

    Similar to Caine, this “Zero Version” of Severius is a journeyman solo. Severius is a powerful spellcaster and provides one of the strongest offensive buffs in the game to nearby allies. With an outstanding FOCUS stat of 5 for a solo, Severius pairs well with focus-hungry ranged warjacks such as the Redeemer (PIP 32083) and the Repenter (PIP 32084).

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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