Skorne - Lord Tyrant Zaadesh Warlock

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    Zaadesh rose from a wounded soldier who few thought would return to the field of battle to an influential lord tyrant. In battle, Zaadesh empowers his army to strike with brutal precision and to punish those enemies within reach before they get the chance to strike. He takes every opportunity in these endeavors so that he may one day face Archdomina Makeda, remove her from her seat, and finally see his own ends come to fruition.

    With a feat that grants his army additional strength and Defensive Strike, Lord Tyrant Zaadesh pairs well with models like Praetorian Keltarii (PIP 74078) and Cataphract Cetrati (PIP 74069). In addition, his Battle Charged spell which grants Countercharge to his battlegroup means that warbeasts such as the Scarab Pack (PIP 74084) and Titan Sentry (PIP 74057) are ideal choices.

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