Trollblood - Borka Vengeance Of The Rimeshaws

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    As war continues to consume the lands of the trollkin, Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws rides atop his powerful northern bear Arktos like a savage chieftain of old, bringing swift death to his enemies. The northern wind follows Borka, freezing his enemies in their tracks to stand helpless before the onslaught.

    Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws comes in a box (PIP71085). A player may field one Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws in a Trollblood army.

    This box contains all the parts necessary to assemble 1 Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws, plus two color stat cards and a 50mm plastic base.

    Resin and white metal components.

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

    - $59.99

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