Brawl: A Quick Guide to Magic’s New Format

Nicholas JonesMagic the Gathering, MTG Prerelease

With the release of Dominaria, we unveiled a new way to play Magic. Allow me to introduce Brawl. What Standard is to Legacy, Brawl is to Commander. It’s got the same novel interactions without the broken combos; the same way of rewarding curiosity without the daunting card pool. It’s accessible, its pivotal cards are available, and it uses all front-list product. Brawl—the TL;DR … Read More


Nicholas JonesMagic the Gathering

Good news, Planeswalker! Things didn’t exactly go according to plan on Ixalan, but you didn’t die and now you have time to regroup. There’s no better place than Dominaria, the setting for many of the early adventures that shaped the Multiverse. It’s only fitting than as we celebrate 25 years of our favorite game, we head back to where it … Read More