What You Need to Know about Vehicles — Kaladesh Spotlight

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What’s better than watching your armies march into battle to meet the enemy head-on? Watching your armies drive into battle to meet the enemy head-on, of course! Vehicles are a new type of artifact, representing some of those wondrous inventions I talked about earlier. Here’s Sky Skiff:

Each Vehicle starts out as just an artifact. Well, an artifact with some potential. But they won’t just get up and attack your opponent by themselves. Not even Kaladesh has mastered the self-driving car yet. Each Vehicle has a crew ability that turns it into an artifact creature.

To activate the crew ability, tap any number of creatures you control with total power equal to or greater than the crew number. Because the crew ability doesn’t use the tap symbol, you can tap any untapped creature you control, even one that just entered the battlefield. You can even tap an animated Vehicle to crew another Vehicle. Say you controlled a creature with power 1, Sky Skiff, and another Vehicle with crew 2. The creature can crew the Sky Skiff, and the Sky Skiff can then crew the other Vehicle. I said a world of wondrous inventions, didn’t I?

While it’s true that you can tap any untapped creature to crew a Vehicle, some creatures are better at driving than others. Look for the new creature type Pilot, as seen on cards like Speedway Fanatic.

Each Pilot has an ability that somehow cares about crewing Vehicles. Many of them, like Speedway Fanatic, give that Vehicle an ability or a bonus of some kind. Notably, once a Pilot crews a Vehicle, that bonus stays even if the Pilot is later removed from the battlefield. In fact, there’s no real connection between the Vehicle and the creatures that crew it once the crew ability is activated. Blowing up the Vehicle won’t affect the crew, and vice versa.

You may also find ways to animate your Vehicles even without a crew. Maybe a card that lets you start your engines, so to speak.

If the effect turning your Vehicle into an artifact creature doesn’t specify its power and toughness, use the printed power and toughness on the Vehicle. Other effects may turn a Vehicle into an artifact creature but specify its power and toughness. In that case, use the specified power and toughness. They’ll overwrite whatever’s printed on the Vehicle. And in any case, remember that Vehicles don’t have a power or a toughness unless they’re creatures.

Happy motoring!

Please see Wizards of the Coast for the complete guide on all things Kaladesh, and from where we got this information.