New Capenna Prerelease THG Sat, 4PM
Magic: The Gathering

Welcome to New Capenna. 

The familie rule here. If you want to make a name for yourself, its best to join one of them. Each of the families has a choke hold on a part of the city;

*Obscura are the information brokers, if anything happen, they know about. Using deception and blackmail to keep everyone in line.

• Maestros… no one talks about Maestros and live long. Let just say, they love the finer thing in life.

• Riveteers are breakers, if something needs to be broken down, broken into, or just broken; they’re the ones to call.

• Cabaretti are the white-collar influencers, or in their case green. These druids sway the masses with their opinions and ancient magic.

• Brokers, Demonic lawyers. What more needs to be said.

In New Capenna, the big dogs rule. The bigger the better. There’s nothing lovely dovely here. It get big and bad; or become dog food. See you on streets, kid.

Format: Sealed

Prize Support:

12 Points - 6 Packs

9-11 Points - 3 Packs 

6-8 Points - 2 Packs

0-5 Points - 1 Pack 

Winner will also receive an exclusive Playmat!

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