Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy

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    Come to the Fenian Triarchy! Play as Boggards, Feykissed, Grippli, Half-Elves, Humans, or Lizardfolk! Visit the legendary distilleries of Greenwall, the evershifting City of Boats, the grand markets of MacCool, or walk the green in Siobhan. Train as a warrior poet (barbarian), otherworld druid, wild huntsman (ranger), whiskey runner (rogue), cunning-folk (wilder method), bog witch, taseck (vitalist method), or vate of Chiuta. Select from four new swamp-related feats. Marvel over a dozen new herbal remedies and tools, Select from even more spells, wondrous items, and psionic powers. Check out the shops extensive equipment lists and make sure you pick up your bottle of Fenian whiskey. There are adventurer tools for everyone in the Fenian Triarchy.

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