Warhammer 40K: Kill Team - The Exalted Scythe (Necrons Starter Set)

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    Nemesor Ankra of the Novokh Dynasty never forgives a slight. Over the aeons the Necron Overlord has ordered the deaths of countless foes who have dared to insult him or stand in the path of his conquering armies. It falls to the feared executioners known as the Exalted Scythe to carry out the Nemesor's will.

    Quick Reference:

    • Number of Players: 2
    • For Ages: 14+
    • Playing Time: 30-60 Minutes


    • A 5-model set of Immortals
    • A scenery set
    • 11 Tactics cards
    • 2 Mission cards
    • An 8-page booklet describing the Exalted Scythe, their history and background
    • 5 datacards for The Exalted Scythe
    • A sheet of 46 card gaming tokens (10 Move/Charge, 10 Fall Back/Advance, 10 Shaken, 10 Ready/Shoot, 6 Objective)

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

    - $59.99

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