Chaos Space Marine Raptors

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    The cruel terrorist troops called the Raptors consider themselves the elite of the Chaos Space Marines. Their death patrols symbolize what was once the Assault Marines in the treacherous legions. When a group of Warp Talons emerge from the Warpen, they seem to have stepped out of nowhere to indulge in the battle with fire and hatred. Both Raptors and Warp Talon figures are sculpted in a series of dynamic poses. Both units look like they are nesting on or just lifting from the battlefield ruins. All models show the distorted effects of the Warpen: open dampers appear on the shaft guard, cables look out from the armor, teeth stand out from different surfaces around the jump packs. Raptors use a variety of weapons such as bolt pistols and chainswords, while Warp Talons use terrifying lightning claws and horned helmets as well as wings on their jump packs. This pack contains 116 parts, 5 bases and a Chaos Space Marine Transfer sheet, enough with parts to build 5 Chaos Space Marine Raptors or 5 Chaos Space Marine Warp Talons. Requires mounting and painting, glue, tools, paint, brushes etc. are NOT included but can be purchased in our range for Accessories.

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