Richard Garfield's Carnival of Monsters

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    Can you build the most magnificent menagerie of monsters the realm has ever seen? Explore magical lands brimming with exotic beasts, and try to capture the most impressive specimens to win the top award for your carnival. But the monsters aren't peaceful, so you'll need to hire hunters to keep them from escaping before you can put them on display for your adoring public . . . and achieve your secret goals. This masterful card-collecting and set-building game from the inventor of Magic: The Gathering is loaded with beautifully-illustrated cards and brimming with strategy, all packed into a 45-minute play time. 

    2-6 players
    Ages 12+
    45 minute play time

    82 Land Cards
    78 Monster Cards
    13 Staff Member Cards
    7 Season Cards
    21 Event Cards
    21 Secret Goal Cards
    17 Loan Cards
    60 Gold Coin Tokens
    15 Hunter Tokens
    3 Royal Hunter Dice
    5 Player Boards
    Main Board
    Illustrated Instructions

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