Warhammer 40K: Codex - Adeptus Custodes (Hardcover)

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    The Adeptus Custodes are demigods of war, sworn to defend the Emperor to their last breath. In this dark and dangerous age that mission compels them out into the stars, no longer can they stand upon the ramparts of the Imperial Palace and watch the galaxy burn. They are the most elite warriors of the Imperium, clad in auramite armour and wielding some of the finest weapons ever created by Mankind. Whether teleporting into the heart of battle, storming to war aboard ancient Land Raiders, or streaking through the skies astride Dawneagle jetbikes, the Custodians are death incarnate to their enemies.

    Inside this book, you'll find:

    • The ten-thousand-year history of the Adeptus Custodes, including their shrouded origins, darkest tragedies, and most glorious victories.
    • A showcase of Citadel Miniatures, including the martial panoply of the Adeptus Custodes and expertly painted examples from the 'Eavy Metal team.
    • A comprehensive range of datasheets providing tabletop rules for every unit available to the Adeptus Custodes.
    • Rules that allow you to take your collection of Adeptus Custodes Citadel Miniatures and transform them into an unstoppable shield host fit to obliterate any threat to the Master of Mankind.

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