Cardfight Vanguard: Lyrical Booster 2 New School Term Lyrical Monasterio

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    Ahoy!! Welcome to the New School Term at the academic city of Lyrical Monasterio!

    2 new idols will be captivating players with their enchanting appearance in this new set!

    Introducing "MiMish, Fortia" and "Coming Beauty, Erminia" to take the stage!

    Players can construct 2 new decks from Lyrical Booster 02!


    New CriticalDrawFront Triggers with essential effects for your decks!!

    The illustrations above are featured in both R and SP rarities!

    LSR (Lyrical Secret Rare) will be included randomly!

    These 3 triggers with effects get their Alternate Illustration Versions as LSRs too!

    ※Their abilities are the same as what is found on "Burning Flail Dragon", "Flare Veil Dragon", and "Blaze Maiden, Parama".

    Players can look forward to powering up the 6 existing Ride Lines!

    Featured Nations: Lyrical Monasterio
    1 Pack contains 7 random cards
    16 packs in 1 display
    20 displays in 1 carton

    - $4.99

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