That Old Wallpaper

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    A Card Game of piecing things together for 2 to 5 Players!

    Remember that old wallpaper we used to have? In that one room? With the funky colors and those weird sunburst patterns or whatever? Okay, good, because that’s what we’re doing. That Old Wallpaper is a game of drafting stacks of wallpaper cards and piecing them together to most closely re-create the patterns from your memories.

    The player who matches the most shapes and colors, collects the most unique mementos, and puts together the highest-scoring section of wallpaper wins the game—and makes their grandma proud.



    • 109 Wallpaper Cards
    • 21 Hazy Memory Cards
    • 50 Player Cards
    • 3 Round Cards
    • 5 Perfect Recall Tokens
    • Scorepad


    • 2-5 Players
    • 5 Minute Setup Time
    • 15-30 minutes Playtime
    • Ages 14+

    - $24.99

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